Tisza lake

Lake Tisza is the second largest lake in Hungary, which was artificially regulated. It is part of the Hortobágy National Park and hides numerous islands, backwaters, and marshy canals. The different depths of the water are inhabited by native fish species. In addition to its rich fish fauna, the birdlife of the lake is also spectacular. Vegetation occupies an increasingly larger area every year.

Last but not least, the lake is an important resting place for the European migration of birds.

15 km

4-5 hrs rowing

1-2 days

Moderate difficulty


Upon arrival in Poroszló, we check in with the tour guides. After this, the guides provide us with a briefing about the daily programs and activities, as well as go over the basic rules. Following the boat schedule, we get on the water and start our rowing adventure.

During the tour, we get to know the different pools of the lake, pass through artificial canals and natural passages, climb the Bölömbika lookout tower, and explore the wild environment of Lake Tisza.

If the weather is favorable, we end the rowing with a beach visit, and then our final destination is Hortobágy where a warm lunch awaits us. This location is suitable for holding additional extra programs, making this weekend even more unforgettable.

Extra programs for an unforgettable experience

While canoe tours are very entertaining and exciting, our customers often want to further enhance their experience. Fortunately, we can provide high-quality services not only in water sports, but also in other areas.

Team building exercises

  • Enjoyable games

  • Community building

  • Improving synergy


  • High quality

  • Favorable pricing

  • Quick booking

Coffee tasting

  • Special caffees

  • Learn how to cook it properly

  • Displaying different consumption cultures

Cocktail mixing

  • With an experienced mixer

  • Popular drinks

  • Guaranteed refreshment

Joga and meditation

  • With an experienced instructor

  • Just relax

  • Let the stress out

Drink package

  • Customize your package

  • Favorable pricing

  • Pay as much as you consume

Retro car driving

  • Multiple cars

  • Guaranteed fun

  • Practical choice

Wood therapy

  • Calm

  • Balanced

  • Zero stress

Wine tasting

  • Local specialities

  • Professional wine makers

  • Educational

Water games

  • Exciting

  • Funny

  • Team building

Visting local attractions

  • Bird hospital

  • Fisherman’s museum


The beauty of Hungary, seen from the water.
Leave the logistics to us, so you can simply be a wanderer.