The Ancient Danube broke through from the direction of the Alpine mountain range about 2-2.5 million years ago and headed southward. Upon reaching the area of the Little Hungarian Plain, it slowed down and continuously deposited sediment, thus creating islands, sandbanks, channels, and meandering waterways.

Due to the abundance of water, its living world is extremely rich and its landscape is varied and unique. Our winding floodplain river is surrounded by picturesque forests, marshes, and reed beds.

16 km

5-6 hrs rowing

1-2 days

Moderate difficulty


We arrive at Dunasziget and check in with the tour guides. Following this, the guides give us a briefing on the daily programs and activities, as well as familiarize us with the basic rules. After the boat assignments, we get on the water and embark on our rowing adventure.

On this tour, we explore a real water maze. We paddle around the most remote parts of Szigetköz. We will be captivated by the famous Japanese garden and later on, we will indulge in the famous Fish Stairs. Depending on the weather, we will crown our Star Tour with a beach break.

Afterwards, we will have a warm lunch at the Cikolaszigeti Kisvesszős Camping and head to our accommodation. This location is suitable for holding additional extra programs that will make this weekend even more unforgettable.

Extra programs for an unforgettable experience

While canoe tours are very entertaining and exciting, our customers often want to further enhance their experience. Fortunately, we can provide high-quality services not only in water sports, but also in other areas.

Team building exercises

  • Enjoyable games

  • Community building

  • Improving synergy


  • High quality

  • Favorable pricing

  • Quick booking

Coffee tasting

  • Special caffees

  • Learn how to cook it properly

  • Displaying different consumption cultures

Cocktail mixing

  • With an experienced mixer

  • Popular drinks

  • Guaranteed refreshment

Joga and meditation

  • With an experienced instructor

  • Just relax

  • Let the stress out

Drink package

  • Customize your package

  • Favorable pricing

  • Pay as much as you consume

Retro car driving

  • Multiple cars

  • Guaranteed fun

  • Practical choice

Water games

  • Exciting

  • Funny

  • Team building


The beauty of Hungary, seen from the water.
Leave the logistics to us, so you can simply be a wanderer.