Lasting memories for the whole team

Shared positive experiences and laughter always bring a new dimension to a work community. In our opinion, the key to a successful team-building program is giving participants the opportunity to step out of their comfort zones while getting to know each other’s previously unknown sides. A water tour can serve as an excellent venue for this, as the proximity of nature and water creates a completely different environment from the office, where colleagues can show their authentic, barefoot selves.

Personalized experience

We always tailor our tours to the needs and endurance of the team, making them suitable for complete beginners as well as experienced paddlers.

Guaranteed rejuvenation

Beautiful landscapes, shimmering water, birdsong, all combined with active relaxation, is sure to recharge everyone with energy


Sitting in the canoe, our shared goal is to reach our destination through mutual assistance and coordinated teamwork

We worked with…
Our team-building games

At the Village Olympics, we take the participants on a journey back in time to the era of outlaws and horsemen, when the entire village gathered to witness the determination and prowess of adventurous young men. The participants can test their skills in various activities, such as axe throwing or archery. The team that collects the most points will be crowned the village champion, earning glory and a corresponding prize.

Imagine that you have shipwrecked and been washed ashore on a deserted island with your companions. The island is full of challenges, dangers, and hidden treasures, and survival requires agility, quick thinking, and teamwork. The team that proves to be the most resourceful during the skill games and logic puzzles will have a chance to be the first to discover the island’s treasure chest.

Have you ever stood in front of a coffee maker and wondered about the journey that coffee beans have taken before ending up in your mug? In our Coffee Adventure team-building program, we will guide you through the entire process, from the plantations to the coffee roasting and grinding, packaging design, and all the important stages of coffee preparation. Using the knowledge gained there, every team can create their own coffee blend! On the following Monday after the team-building event, you can raise a toast to it in the office!

The beauty of Hungary, seen from the water.
Leave the logistics to us, so you can simply be a wanderer.

Leave the team transportation to us! Request the canoe tour with transportation service!

For multi-day programs, we recommend trusted accommodation providers at our tour locations!

In addition to the entertainment, you can also count on us for delicious food and drinks!


Enhance your canoe tour with additional exciting outdoor or indoor programs!









Thank you very much for the professional organization! The team had a great time, and we will spread the good reputation of Ventura within ALDI.

B. Dóra, Aldi Hungary

I saw the post two days ago that there will be a sunset tour on the Danube. I knew that it was the perfect opportunity for me and my colleagues to join! They quickly responded to our inquiry, and we met a well-organized, professional team who prepared a truly touching surprise at the end of the tour! It was fantastic! Thank you for letting us be a part of it!

E. Eszter, A Budapest Sunset Canoe Tour participant

The team at Ventúra is youthful, humorous, yet just as responsible as is required for a team-building canoeing event. The program in which we participated as beginner canoeists was not burdensome. The tour guides managed to create a good atmosphere, and it was an excellent team-building experience!

G. Petra, Plazmaszolgalat Ltd.