Danube bend

Rowing in the Danube Bend enchants us with the meeting of the river and the mountains. On one side, the Visegrád Mountains, on the other side, the Börzsöny Mountains, squeeze the twists and turns of the Danube in the middle. Besides natural beauty, historical landmarks, and artistic sights, many other exciting and interesting attractions accompany us throughout the tour.

Starting from the Esztergom Basilica, we can trace the secrets of the Visegrád Castle from the Hungarian Middle Ages. Later, resting on the tip of the Kisoroszi island, we reach the charming streets of Szentendre.

18 km

5 hrs rowing

1 day

Moderate difficulty


We arrive in Visegrád and check in with the tour guides. After that, the guides give us a briefing on the daily activities and tasks, as well as explaining the basic rules. Following the boat schedule, we get on the water and start our rowing adventure.

We take breaks at several locations, and if the weather permits, we can even swim. Our main stop is the tip of the Kisoroszi island. From the level of the Danube, we can see the view of the mountains on both sides.

We dock in Leányfalu where a warm lunch awaits us. This location is suitable for further extra activities, which make this day even more unforgettable.

Extra programs for an unforgettable experience

While canoe tours are very entertaining and exciting, our customers often want to further enhance their experience. Fortunately, we can provide high-quality services not only in water sports, but also in other areas.

Team building exercises

  • Enjoyable games

  • Community building

  • Improving synergy

Coffee tasting

  • Special caffees

  • Learn how to cook it properly

  • Displaying different consumption cultures

Cocktail mixing

  • With an experienced mixer

  • Popular drinks

  • Guaranteed refreshment

Joga and meditation

  • With an experienced instructor

  • Just relax

  • Let the stress out

Drink package

  • Customize your package

  • Favorable pricing

  • Pay as much as you consume

Retro car driving

  • Multiple cars

  • Guaranteed fun

  • Practical choice


The beauty of Hungary, seen from the water.
Leave the logistics to us, so you can simply be a wanderer.