Sailing on Lake Balaton

Lake Balaton, the “Hungarian Sea,” needs no introduction. With its approximately 600 square kilometers of water surface, it is the largest freshwater lake in Europe and evokes nostalgic and pleasant feelings in every Hungarian. Thanks to the development of tourism around Lake Balaton, it is possible to find a program that every participant is guaranteed to enjoy, regardless of the weather conditions.

2-20 ppl

1-4 boats

1-2 days

40 SPF sunscreen


In the case of a sailing trip on Lake Balaton, nothing is set in stone. A lot depends on the current weather conditions. Depending on the wind direction and strength, we plan the day together in the morning. If the weather is favourable, after an optional breakfast and coffee at the harbour café, we set sail and head towards our first jointly determined goal.

In sailing, participants can play an active or passive role, depending on their preference. Our captains have several years of experience, so if there is interest, they are happy to introduce the crew to the secrets of sailing. They can help or take over the control of the boat, perform sailor tasks, or learn to tie sailing knots. One of the favorite programs is the water rescue, which we perform with the help of a buoy or a brave and water-loving volunteer.

At lunchtime, we dock and feed the hungry crew to give them energy for the rest of the day. As usually the hottest and sunniest time is early afternoon, around 2:00 – 2:30 pm, we continue our journey. We dedicate the afternoon more to swimming, so we have the opportunity to anchor and cool off in the big summer heat.

At the end of the day, we recommend that if time allows, we still watch the sunset from the water with a spritzer or cold drink in hand.

Extra programs for an unforgettable experience

During Balaton sailing tours, we can offer a lot of exciting extra programs. Generally, we prefer to create the entire tour together with the client to ensure that we can meet all individual needs. You can find a list of our general “extra programs” here, but we cannot emphasize enough that we are able to fulfill any special requests!

The beauty of Hungary, seen from the water.
Leave the logistics to us, so you can simply be a wanderer.